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Storytelling as a Pathway to Excellence

Elevate younger professionals’ leadership journey with ‘Storytelling as a Pathway to Excellence’, led by best-selling author and entrepreneur, Caroline Barron (Te Uri o Hau / Pākehā) and expert guests.

A recent Guardian article reported that two of the Big Four UK accounting firms have implemented soft-skills training for younger employees to combat deficits due to working online during the Covid years.

In this course, team members will learn soft skills that maximise potential through what to say, how to say it, and what to wear while saying it—delivering that elusive 10%-extra polish that transforms future leaders from good to great. Select the combination of modules that are right for your team.

  • Harness the incredible power of storytelling to tell meaningful stories and forge authentic client connections
  • Pin-down personal values and why they’re important
  • Identify and craft better work stories
  • Develop pitches that sell
  • Use data to enhance stories and pitches
  • Media tips and tricks
  • Incorporating te reo Māori in written and verbal communications
  • Polish written communications
  • Email etiquette
  • Dress sense and mana in the IRL and virtual meeting room
  • Present a carefully crafted story or pitch (according to a brief supplied by my company or yours) to the group, without notes.

$2,200 + gst for a one-day course for up to eight people.
$3,300 + gst for a two-day course for up to eight people.

Email Caroline Barron to book a date for your team, or to discuss options.

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