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Creativity and Leadership

Learn to embody creative leadership with this half- or one-day course, led by best-selling author and entrepreneur, Caroline Barron (Te Uri o Hau / Pākehā). Caroline has a Masters in Creative Writing and a post-graduate paper in Creative Processes.

Studies over the past 30 years cite that in today’s innovation-driven economy, creativity is vital for organisational success. More than ever, leaders need to be able to harness their team’s diverse creative thinking capabilities to get best results for their organisation.

Understand the creative process, reconnect with creativity, and boost success by fostering a team culture of idea sharing and deep thinking in today’s distracted world.

$2,200 + gst for a one-day course for up to eight people.
$1,600 + gst for a half-day course for up to eight people.

Email Caroline Barron to book a date for your team, or to discuss options.

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