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Ensemble Magazine: What Auckland’s scene was like in the 90s: June 2023

By June 26, 2023July 2nd, 2023No Comments

I chat with my old friend, Rebecca Wadey, editor of Ensemble, about what it was like coming of age in the 90s. The murky, the fantastic, the weird. Rebecca and I met while working on check-out at Levene’s in Newmarket when she had just moved up from Hamilton. We became great friends and moved into our first flat together, 19 Minnie Street, Eden Terrace—the flat that Becky and Zoe’s flat in Golden Days is based on.

Of course, Rebecca asked me if Becky was based on her. She wasn’t! But the name just seemed to fit.

I messaged this to Rebecca when the story came out: ‘Imagine if we saw in the crystal ball at 19 that, one day, you, as the editor of the best magazine, would be interviewing me about my new novel, set in the very period and house we existed in, and which had your spirit within its pages? We’d be like—year? Really? Maybe, with our hopeful and untarnished lives, we’d think it wasn’t too impossible to believe…’

Full story here.